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Philosophy Essays

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Simone De Beauvoir: Gender and Sex

Simone de Beauvoir’s example of what a woman that is intelligent can do in life by her straightforward, honest approach may be the stepping stones…

Immanuel Kant’s Idea of Knowledge

Immanuel Kant is responsible for introducing the term transcendental to the philosophical discussion. By doing this it was his goal to reject everything

Biography of Chanakya (Kautilya)

Kautilya was great political philosopher and thinker. A man full of vision; he was always prepared for the worst. He had the guts to speak his heart…

Theories of Temperament: An Overview

Personality contains a long history ranging from mathematician, Plato, Aristotle, solon and varied different philosophers and writers.

Reflection on the Concept of Knowledge

In my study, I want to explore the multiple perspectives – the various possibilities, ideas, and the holistic view on which our world ought to be…

Impact of Aristotle on Education

Through the life of Aristotle, one would wonder how a mere thought of philosophy could impact the way education is practiced today as we know it.

Critique of Sexual Difference | Analysis

Explain how and why the critique of sexual difference intersected with a (postmodern) critique of representation in the later 1970s and early 1980s.

Positive Effects of Eating Fruit

If you think about it, its logical for the human body to consume food that contains as much water as the body itself. The nutrition that meets that…

An Ethical Evaluation of Product Placement

Product placement is the way in which brands are placed into non-advertising media like computer games, books, popular songs and stage plays for…

Biography of Friedrich Nietzsche

What distinguishes Nietzsche from other nineteenth-century critics of religion, morality and nineteenth-century life is that he does not search for a…

Philosophical Concepts: What is real?

At the present time, we, as humans, have no direct way of knowing what is real. It is a mystery, far more complex than any computer or robot we possess.

The Development of a Moral Character

After initializing compare and contrast of these philosophers, we will be in the position of establishing up to what they agree or disagree regarding…

Ethics of Physician Assisted Suicide

Should we be allowed to take our own lives? In many cultures ancient and not so ancient suicide has been seen as the best option in certain circumstances.

Method of Doubt by Descartes

René Descartes, the father of modern philosophy, adopted the method of doubt to reach the truth. Descartes’ philosophical attitude started in his youth…

Impacts of the Pornography Industry

Critically assess the case that the products of the contemporary pornography industry are both a cause of violence and discrimination directed against…

Analysis of Learning Styles and Theories

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myer. It based on the theories of psychologist Carl Jung…

The Meaning of Life through Subjectivity

Humans are subjective because despite trying to stop affecting world that they are a part of, they are changing it. This relationship, which causes a…

Principles of Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy about how humans and their environments interact and have relationships. It encompasses the principle that…

Carl Schmitt: the Concept of the Political

This essay will analyse how Schmitt’s thought evolved in the historical context of the Weimar republic. This essay has shown how Schmitt’s thought…