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International Business Essays

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Development of Chinese Market Economy

With the development of Chinese market economy and increasingly important role of the marketing process, multinationals have launched a large-scale…

China’s Free Market System

China needs to combine the free market economy with the macro-control of government. So that it can establish a mixed market economy system.

Causes of the Global Financial Crisis

Through Globalization different country get the opportunity for international trade, increase the capacity of capital flows and spread the uses of…

Offshore Catering Companies

The best way to break in the world of marine or oil rig employment is offshore catering companies. With no experience required on offshore locations…

Management Across Cultures

This report gives an insight on the topic Managing Across Cultures, and also on the following issues, it tackles the meaning of Culture, its importance…

Economic Growth of China

This paper provides summarizes of FDI in China in the past decade until 2009, It describes the overview of the Economic growth, the…

International Trade during Holiday Seasons

The Holiday Seasons is a time when many businesses try to beat out there competition by having the most sales. Starting around Thanksgiving and ending…

SWOT Analysis of Starbucks

Starbucks holds a strong position in the market wherein they have 8,500 shops owned by Starbucks directly and also around 6,500 shops on franchises and…

Swift Courier Company | Analysis

SWIFT’s success hinges on its values of integrity, team work, customer centric business operation and providing a platform for people development.

Impact of ISO 9000 on Business Performance

The purpose of this paper is to address the problem above by examining critically if the ISO 9000 standard does improve business performance or not…

Social Enterprise and Commercial Enterprise

Social enterprise plays a larger role in delivering public services like provision of leisure services, recycling services health and social care for…

Nature of Globalisation

Critically consider the nature of globalisation. In so doing, identify and examine the various elements associated with the process of globalisation.

International Business Environment

International business brings globalisation in the production. For example dell computer it different part are produced in different countries…

Operations and Business Strategy of McDonalds

A key element of the MacDonald strategy since the beginning has been to own all the property on which the MacDonald was built doesn’t matter the property…

Furniture manufacturing companies

The main challenge of furniture manufacturing companies is to provide innovative products in shorter time cycles, at reduced cost, and with improved quality…

International Marketing Mix

Since 1900, Coca-Cola already moves into Europe market, when 1970 Coca-Cola moves to international market, it already 39 years ago until 2009…

Diversified in industries and electronics

The company has been responsive to change and opportunity in global business brought by the digital era with its constant innovation and attractive…

WTO in international trade

Topic: Role of World Trade Organization in international business and the argument that whether WTO is helpful or a hindrance to international trade.

The fast food industry

In the fast food industry, nothing comes close to McDonalds as this company has stamped its mark as one of the leading fast food chains in its industry.